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          Ladle Cleaner

          Ladle Cleaner

          It is applied to clean aluminium slag and sediment on the wall of hot ladle at the temperation from 560 and 650. The automatic equipment could clean a ladle for 20~30 mins and clean 8~10 ladles for one day to increase turnover of the equipment and decrease the quantity of standby ladles. Cutting head at the whole surface of ladle has little gap with lining of the ladle to avoid damaging. It  not only improves the state of ladle, but also decreases labor intensity, improves working environment and enhances the production efficiency.

          5 Anode Transfer Station

          It could accomplish all motions by electrical devices and abolish hydraulic station to reduce operation costing. The equipment could fulfill whole processes that anode scrap and new anode could be loading and unloading smoothly and harmonically using easy operation. Moreover, it could save labor and maintenance cost, have convenience maintenance and improve work efficiency.


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