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          Vacuum Ladle

          Vacuum Ladle

          It is one of the star product. Most of them is the first ladle in china whose specifications are 12t, 14t, 16t, 16.5t respectively. Over thousands of the vacuum ladle has been sold by our company. The safety and reliability of vacuum ladle gain recognition and praise from the customers. Moreover, it is satisfied with the need of ladle cleaner to be cleaned at high temperature. In order to prevent transformation of the ladle body and the ladle lid, steel plate head of spin forming is applied to that the ladle could be open at the temperature from 560 to 650. Turnover rate and service life would be increased, and operation cost would be decreased.

          Characteristic: quick sucking aluminium, high work efficiency, saving energy, reliable running, convenience operation, appearance of clean and less using cost, etc.

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