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          About Us
          Add:Liaoning Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone Qianling Lake Road No. 18

          About Us

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          About Us

          Shengyang Huifeng Machinery CO., Ltd. has manufactured equipment of the electrolytic aluminium with lots of experience for over 3 decades years. It is a hi-tech enterprise granted up to 23 national patents. Moreover, “Huifeng” brand trademark was named provincial and municipal famous trademark. It is not only famous for producing 15t/h~35t/h Aluminium Ingot Continuous Casting Machine Unit for the aluminium factories, but also produces multi-product, such as Cathode Preheating Station, Ladle Cleaner, Electrolyte Cleaner, Anode Transfer Station, Suctorial Aluminium Tube Cleaner, Ladle Dumper, Vacuum Ladle, Heating and Drying Station for Ladle, Ladle Transport Vehicle, Tank Truck, Hydraulic Lift Truck, etc. Most of them are the first equipment of china that fill the gaps of the aluminium field. It is valued as the Reassurance Brand by the National Technology Supervising Administration. Additionally, our corporation has been conferred the titles of "Honest Unit","Advanced Tax Payer" and "Star Enterprise" for many times. The company obtained the National ISO9001 Quality System in 2000.
          Huifeng employees stick to the principle of "A good human nature creates perfect products which are contributed to customers" In recent years,we have developed extensive international economic and technological cooperation with companies of aluminumm industry such as Balco company in India, Kazakhstan, Iran and Norway,etc.

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